Tomato based, Rich, Sweet, Smoky, Balanced with a Slight Kick.
It takes more than 20 ingredients to make this sauce!

Our Hot (XXX) BBQ Sauce: You first taste the Mustard, then Sweet,
then Vinegar and finally the great Fire only a fresh Scotch Bonnet Pepper
(Jamaica) can deliver. It’s very hot, but not too hot (for those that like hot) to
handle. It’s the burn that keeps you coming back for more. It’s not Jamaican,
but, Mon, it should be. Our Pitmaster’s Choice for BBQ (he likes it hot).

Pucker Sauce
Vinegar Based Sauce, tart, a hint of sweet and touch of heat. THE BBQ SAUCE for those who prefer to taste their pork and not the sauce.

Organic Habenero
Not a BBQ sauce but our own homemade habenero hots

“Have It Our Way”
Memphis + Mustard + Habenero hots

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  1. OMG! The BEST barbecue I’ve had since moving to DC. The guys serving we’re awesome and seemed to not only enjoy what the do, but their customer service and attention to detail were second to none. Can’t wait for you to be back at Farragut.